Hello my Friends,

I haven’t finished this page yet, but here is a quick overview of my Services:

How I work:

My designs feature a colorful, playful style that is fun and engaging. I love a good balance between photos/illustrations and text, so the viewer is addressed on multiple levels. At the same time, I aim to focus on one clear and simple message. When it comes to marketing and advertisement my main focus is Organic Marketing. Instead of creating ads that people want to block, I focus on creating messages that people want to know. It’s important to me that the viewer/consumer is happy and feels enriched by the experience.


All following Sevices include a free 45-minute first consultation to talk about the aim and range of your project.


Starting from 1600€ for a WordPress Page


Print Design:

Starting from 250€ for a Flyer up to any Size you can Print on


Ad/Marketing Concepts:

For 90€ per hour, I will help you create engaging and fun concepts for your Ads and Marketing Campaigns. This can include everything from Social Media Marketing Concepts to on-location Concepts like Pop-Up Stores, Digital Signage or other Fun activities.


Youtube Consulting:

Want to start your channel or need Ideas for your Social Media? For 80€ per hour, I will consult you and give you my know-how


Photo Editing:

For 75€ per hour, I will edit your photos in the way you have seen me do on my Youtube channel or Instagram


Interested? Let me know:

Please describe your project with enough detail so I have a good understanding of what you need.

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