Styles Pack

up to 110 beautifully designed Laser Light Effects for Affinity Photo



What to expect

The Laser Delight Pack gives you up to 110 amazing Laser Light Styles. Masterfully designed colors will give you the perfect glow and lights to make your photos shine. The skillfully assembled Styles Pack comes with a free Online Course. Explaining everything from Installing the Styles to using them creatively in your workflow. A perfect Addition for Hobbists and Professionals alike. Enjoy

All Version also includes a free Online Course specifically designed for this product. In this video, I guide you personally through the steps from installing the Styles to using them creatively on your Photos.

INFO: Works on iPad

What’s included

This Pack comes in 4 Sizes:

  • Free: 12 Styles + free Online Course
  • Small: 26 Styles + free Online Course
  • Medium: 55 Styles + free Online Course
  • PRO : 110 Styles + free Online Course

Frequently asked Questions

Does this work on my iPad?

This Product was NOT tested on iPad. So please make sure you download the free Version first and test it.

I click on “i want this” but nothing happens?

On the Sales Page, you need to select your Pack Version from the “Choose your Pack” Pop-down Menu and after that click “I want this”

Is this for beginners?

Yes, the Laser Delight Pack is perfect for Beginners and Professionals alike. The included free Online Course will show you how to install the Styles and use them creatively. 

How is my purchase processed?

The complete purchasing procces is handled by – a very popular online Store used by many Youtubers and online creators. Find more information here: Save buying on Gumroad


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