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Learn to create dreamy Light, warm skin tones and that professional Autumn look



What to expect

This easy to follow Course is perfect for Beginners and Intermediate Photographers. Step-by-Step I will show you professional photo editing tricks. I will reveal to you techniques to creatively plan your editing, add creamy, soft lights and bring your image alive with special effects. This start-to-finish course is filled with awesome tips and pro tricks to turn your Autumn photo into a marvelous piece of art.

You will learn how to create:

  • A editing Concept
  • Lovely, dreamy Autumn Light
  • Warm Skin Tones
  • Powerful 3D Effect on Hair and Clothing
  • Add and blending in whimsical Leaves
  • Creamy Sun Burst
  • Fine-tune and sharpen your image
  • Bonus: Stunning Eyes
  • and more…

What’s included

  • 13 Videos in 1080p
  • a total of 53 Minutes playtime
  • download all videos and keep them forever
  • Links to download the Source Files I am using

Frequently asked Questions

Does this work on my iPad?

This course was designed in Affinity Photo Desktop, but all effects and techniques shown should work just as well on iPad.

What Software do I need?

This Course is created for Affinity Photo. A Photo Editing Software created by that is available for Apple Mac, Windows PC and iPad.

Is this the same Course you have on Skillshare?

Yes, this is the same Course I also uploaded to Skillshare. The difference is, that here you can download the Videos and keep them forever.

How is my purchase processed?

The complete purchasing process is handled by – a very popular online Store used by many Youtubers and online creators. Find more information here: Save buying on Gumroad

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